24 hours service available

Want to save time and worry?  Do you have a windscreen that needs repair?  Visit Autosklo Praha.  We offer you many services such as off-road assembly non-stop service parking assistant assembly interior cleaning or Glass-repair glass repair.
Windshields are here for you

Another service we offer to you in Autosklo Praha is the tinting of windshields.  Toning allows you to reduce the temperature inside the car during the summer months.  Avoids sharp sun rays.  Carrying out the glass tinting in Autoskla Praha will improve the appearance of your vehicle and reduce visibility inside the car which is also a defense against theft.
Car glass tinting

In Autosklo Praha we offer several types of quality foils intended for glass tinting.  When using poor-quality films there is a risk that bubbles may form or the view from the vehicle may be worse.

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