Have the old doors already served you?  Need new?  taken with us will be the right choice for your home.  Modern tasteful efficient and especially affordable for all customers.
How to choose the right interior door?  Just call us or visit our store in person.  Trained specialists are ready to help you with everything.  You can choose from a wide range of design designs full or glazed doors in various surface and color designs to suit your needs.  For more demanding nature we also offer a glass door.  For those who need space saving we offer sliding doors on the wall or in the housing.
Doors and accessories in our country
We will satisfy you with the delivery of another assortment.  For integrity and harmonization we offer not only interior doors but also door frames in the same door design entrance doors door fittings in label or rosette design.  You can also choose from a wide range of laminate floating floors.  Choose interior doors and accessories from us to create a cozy home!

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