High quality windshields

A very unpleasant experience which in many ways complicates life is damage to the glass on the car.  Don't worry find Autosklo Praha for help.
Wide selection of our glasses

The windscreen staff in Prague is ready to go to any client in the Czech Republic at any time.  It is not necessary to bring the motor vehicle to the workshop.  Due to the use of special adhesives it is possible to replace and repair the side rear and front glass of a domestic and foreign car in virtually any location.  Take advantage of the services of the mobile car glass assembly in Prague.  And not just for cars.  It is a breeze for experienced workers to replace and repair the glass of the bus truck and atypical shape of the windows of the machines.
For safe operation

Glass repair is not just a decorative matter.  Perfect visibility from the vehicle driver ensures safe road traffic.  So do not hesitate to contact the Prague windscreen team if necessary.

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