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Welcome to the world of delicious ice cream that will bring you an unforgettable experience!  Meet Adria Gold Ice Cream which must not be missed in your pastry shop or coffee shop if you want to be successful entrepreneurs in the ice cream world!  Adria Gold attracts customers and won't let them go!
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Adria Gold ice cream should definitely not be missing in your candy store.  With us your patisserie will become the most sought after patisserie in the area.  You lure your customers to delicious creamy ice creams of all sorts of flavors like banana chocolate caramel coffee egg liqueur vanilla pistachio and many more.  You can also try to shed ice creams that contain pastes and topings of all possible flavors.


Our fruit sorbets which consist of ice cream with a high content of fruit ingredients or directly pieces of fruit can also be a real sense of meaning.  For those looking for refreshment but ice cream doesn't have to fruit sorbets are just the right thing!

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