Want to keep your phone bill under control? Don't want to change operator or tariff? You don't have to do this to get the cheaper calling and messaging option. Just sign up and get the lowest price on the market. E.g. the price is CZK 1.19.

Creating an account for cheap calls and messages is very simple. You need to register first and recharge your credit. If you want to make a cheaper call or send a message, you will first enter the desired number into the application. When you call, we will call you first and when you pick up the phone, it will automatically dial the number you entered. The same happens when sending an sms message.

You don't need to call or send a message dearly

We will convince you that calling or sending sms messages may not be expensive. The value of the recharged amount is up to you, the only condition is the registration and access to our application. You can control it via the Internet or download it directly to your mobile. Here you can enter the desired numbers using speed dial.

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